A High Point Market Keynote Series: Join Me In Harnessing The Brand Building Power of TV

There is some exciting news I must share with you all! With another High Point Market approaching, it’s time to announce that I will have the amazing opportunity to be part of the discussion panel for the Keynote Series lineup for Fall Market, October 19-23, 2019. This three part educational series will feature myself along with other industry celebrities who will share their masterminds, insights and business building advice to all. Join Diane Keaton and Erik Qualman as they share their design passions, social media expertise and tips of the trade.

The panel will feature myself along with celebrity designers Evette Rios, Hilary Farr and Mikel Welch where we tell our secrets of how great Harnessing the Brand Building Power of TV can be for your business. We will delve deep into why TV exposure matters and how designers can use that exposure to build their brands, make more money and acquire more clients.

Read the following social post to learn more about what we have in store for this fabulous Fall 2019 High Point Market experience. https://www.highpointmarket.org/events/keynote-series

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